Felix Neumann


age 31

M.Sc. in computer science

software architect at IVU Traffic Technologies

loves keyboarding, writing, calligraphy

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Works and theses

  • “deadbox”. Dead letter box to access protected servers. Sources
  • “Gone”. KISS wiki engine, written in Go. Sources
  • “GoPath”. Library providing alternative syntax for path handling in Go. Sources
  • “Formale Spezifikation politikbezogener Funktionen einer Trusted Computing Base”. Master's Thesis. Abstract, PDF
  • “Parallelisierung von HRU-Safety-Analysen”. Bachelor's Thesis. Abstract, PDF
  • “Populäre Matchings und stabile Paarungen”. Abstract, PDF
  • “Die Nizza-Systemarchitektur”. Abstract, PDF
  • “Grey’n’lonesome”. Audio
  • “Distorted Piano and Arp”. Audio

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Felix Neumann

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